Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Introducing the TMH / DH Project

I am formally launching the Torah Min Hashamayim / Documentary Hypothesis Project. In a very long-term ongoing series of blog posts, I will comprehensively examine and analyze, in detail, the arguments for and against both Torah Min Hashamayim and the Documentary Hypothesis. I have been meaning to do this for myself for a long time, and this blog will provide a good opportunity to do so.

This issue is central for many people's religious beliefs and practices. If the evidence shows that TMH is much more likely than DH, one should be Orthodox or something very close. And if the evidence shows the opposite, one should probably not be Orthodox.

Of course, there are some people for whom this debate is not important at all. These people have such strong prior beliefs about either TMH or the non-divinity of the Torah, that they just do not see any reason to take part in such a silly debate. This project is not for them.

I will start with several introductory posts discussing what I am going to examine and how I am going to examine it. Stay tuned . . .

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