Thursday, July 10, 2008

The TMH / DH Project - DH Sources

I'm gathering here a list of sources supporting the DH perspective, and well as some that I have considered but will not rely on much. Please mention additional sources in comments and I will update as appropriate.

The basic text I will use to identify the sources is

- Richard Elliot Friedman, "The Torah With Sources Revealed"

Other books on the DH include

- S.R. Driver, An Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament (I have the hard copy, but Google Books version here.

- J.E. Carpenter, The Composition of the Hexateuch: An Introduction with Select Lists of Words (Google Books version here.

- Alexander Rofe, Introduction to Composition of the Pentateuch

- William Schneidewind, How the Bible Became a Book

Friedman's book Who Wrote the Bible is somewhat helpful here, but it largely assumes the DH to be true and then tries to determine what we can learn about the different authors or sources.

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