Thursday, July 10, 2008

The TMH / DH Project - TMH Sources

I'm gathering here a list of sources supporting the TMH perspective, and well as some that I have considered but will not rely on much. Please mention additional sources in comments and I will update as appropriate.

The primary sources seem to me to be traditional Jewish commentaries on the Torah itself. In addition to the Talmud and midrash, the following commentaries may be helpful.

Ibn Ezra

BTW, does anyone know of a single book or set of books including all these and other major commentaries, in either book or electronic form? (Judaica Press's Mikraoth Gedoloth covers the entire Tanach except for Levitivus - Deuteronomy, or 60% of what I am looking for.)

Modern Works Specifically Addressing the DH or Independent Reasons to Believe TMH.

- R. David Weiss Halivni, Revelation Restored: Divine Writ And Critical Responses

- R. Yitzchak Etshalom, Between the Lines of the Bible

- R. Lawrence Kelleman, Permission to Receive

- R. Judah David Eisenstein, Commentary on the Torah: A Defense of the Traditional Jewish Viewpoint.

- David Sykes, Patterns in Genesis (Unpublished PhD Thesis) [Can someone get a copy of this?]

- R. Mordechai Breuer, Pirkei Bereishit [Can someone get a copy of this in English?]

- R. Mordechai Breuer, Pirkei Moadot [Can someone get a copy of this in English?]

Commentators have recommended some other books that only touched on the DH is some short way or are not available in English.

Please let me know if you know of any other appropriate sources.

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