Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blocked Comments - Disqus, Firefox, and Avast

I was unable to see comments on Firefox, but was able to see them on other browsers. After poking around the web, it looks like Avast Anti-Virus software blocks Disqus comments in Firefox.

You can tell if you have this problem if you don't see any comments and there is no number before "comments" after each post.  If you have this problem, do the following.

Update to the latest version of Avast. (Right-click on the icon in the toolbar and go to 'update'.)

In Firefox, click on the Avast Online Security Icon (upper right corner). Do one of the following:

- Slide the "Social Networks" switch to "allowed" (to the left to make it red)
- Slide the "Social Networks" switch to "blocked" (to the right to make it green) AND slide the Disqus switch to the left to make it red.

Comments should now be working, and you should now see a number before "comments" after each post.

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